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    A big part of my inspiration for The Drug Report was Beth Pearce's amazing film, VOICE OF THE VICTIMS: TRUE STORIES OF ECSTASY AND KETAMINE. The film simply lets the victims of drug tragedies tell their stories. It's real life, it's undeniable, and it's incredibly powerful. I'm sure Beth has saved many, many lives, and it is my hope that this blog will do so as well. To learn more about her film, go to Voice Of The Victims.


    A friend of mine likes to say, "You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

    When it comes to drugs, there are lots of opinions out there: Some think drugs are safe and fun, some think they're dangerous and frightening, and many think everything in between.

    But facts are facts, and when someone dies from drugs, or someone is murdered by a person who is on drugs, or is raped by someone who has given them drugs, that's just a fact. Drug users who actively promote drug use rail against these facts, and I expect they'll be commenting regularly on The Drug Report. But they can't change the facts.

Jessica’s GHB Story

Posted by Childress on June 3, 2006

I received this powerful comment today on an old post.  It justifies the purpose of this blog; the author says that as a recovering addict she now understands how wrong some of her opinions and informtion were, and that she is now a great believer in open information about drugs — definitely including the risk factors and down sides.


I came across your site through a technorati tag search for GHB. I am a recovering addict. I had been addicted to GHB for over two years. I’ve been clean for just over nine months )

This post is all the more real to me than you may realize. Once you are in the culture – you are IN the culture. And evening out your brain with the use of various drugs to bring you up or down is all too real and way undereported in the mainstream media. It is all people know when they are using. To combat fatigue take an upper – if it’s too much supress it with a downer.

What many people fail to recognize is the fear that the user feels if their friend G-holes or blacks out etc… The urge to call the police or an ambulance always considered however because of the stigma attached to addiction and the possibility of getting caught and worse detoxing, causes many to not call 911. In the rave world “you take care of eachother”, “you do it on your own” and “deal with it”.

For many users, the rave scene and the use of E, G or K may have been the first time they could relax and actually feel something other than angst, depression, anxiety and maybe revisit a child hood that was cut short. I realized sadly, that all of a sudden I could focus and work. My attention span was heightened and many of my fears disapeared.

I’m sorry to hear that this person dyed. It very well could have been myself and I sometimes wonder how I managed to live, attend college full-time (21 classes for upgrading of my skills), and after graduating work 50 plus hours a week as an art director. I used drugs 24/7 to cope. I thought GHB was safe from all the research I did. I now know differently and am very blatant about it. I have posted on’s forums during my recovery.

If life doesn’t slow down somewhat, sometime soon, many others unkowingly will succumb to addiction just to keep up with the Jones’. I would also like to say I’m not for or against the use of drugs. What I do beleive in, is education. If you do this… this could happen.

Saying “Don’t Trust Your Drug Dealer”… as someone who has used a lot of drugs, I must say that it has nothing to do with trust… it has to do with need to survive in this sped up world.

I am still coming to terms with what happened to me and have some residual anger towards many people, places and things. Most of all though it’s myself that I’m angry at. If you wouldn’t mind I will be creating a page on my website to refer people to sites with information on drug use and addiction. I would like to add your site if possible. I read your sidebar about the facts… that is all I’m trying to understand and I beleive in freedom of information. Feel free to read and browse my site – the notewaorthy, addiction and anxiety categories may be of interest to you and leave a comment behind if you like )

Kind regards,
Jessica Doyle

Thank you, Jessica, and God bless you and strengthen you in your recovery!  Your Web site is quite beautiful and thought-provoking.

As a business owner, father, husband and all-around active person (board memberships, church, chores, etc.), I understand so well the pressures and the temptation to "manage" ups and downs.  I used to use alcohol for that purpose.

Now I use conversations with my family, exercise, reading the Bible, and time in prayer.  For non-Christians, I'd still recommend the latter two.  Maybe you need something other than a Bible, although it is a wonderful book, full of thousands of years of wisdom.  But the fact is, taking time to read a book of great wisdom, and to pray (meditate) on it, and to pray for others and yourself, gives you a great gift:  A time of peace and quiet, a time of larger perspective, and most of all, a time plugged in with the creator, the lifeforce of the universe.


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  1. […] I have been pondering the term addiction in how it relates to my pschy and life. It has been a while since I wrote of such. It has been many days, weeks even monthes since my last cap of GHB. The 26 of August will mark that one year has passed since I chose to live. This fact causes me to ponder am I better or worse off for that matter, could I be masking still what is inside that needs to be discussed or even just left in the dark to receed into the unknown human landscape we call forgotten memories? […]

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