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Facts about what can go wrong when people use drugs

  • The Best Drug Info Ever?

    A big part of my inspiration for The Drug Report was Beth Pearce's amazing film, VOICE OF THE VICTIMS: TRUE STORIES OF ECSTASY AND KETAMINE. The film simply lets the victims of drug tragedies tell their stories. It's real life, it's undeniable, and it's incredibly powerful. I'm sure Beth has saved many, many lives, and it is my hope that this blog will do so as well. To learn more about her film, go to Voice Of The Victims.


    A friend of mine likes to say, "You're entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

    When it comes to drugs, there are lots of opinions out there: Some think drugs are safe and fun, some think they're dangerous and frightening, and many think everything in between.

    But facts are facts, and when someone dies from drugs, or someone is murdered by a person who is on drugs, or is raped by someone who has given them drugs, that's just a fact. Drug users who actively promote drug use rail against these facts, and I expect they'll be commenting regularly on The Drug Report. But they can't change the facts.

Methadone Death in Ireland

Posted by Childress on August 17, 2006

Neil Wilson Laffin, 23, like many who use drugs, had added methadone to his drug repertoire of ecstasy and marijuana, even though he was not a heroin addict.  The results:

On the evening of Saturday, December 18, Mr Laffin was found dead by a friend.

Deborah Taylor said she had gone to see if Mr Laffin wanted some food as he had been in bed all day with a sore mouth.

She said when she found him: “He was lying face down. His lips were black and he wasn’t breathing.”

An ambulance was called and despite attempts to revive him, Mr Laffin was pronounced dead at 7.59pm.

Professor Jack Crane, state pathologist, concluded: “Death was caused by poisoning of methadone.”

Professor Crane said there had been a “relatively high concentration” of the drug in the young man’s system.

“There can be no doubt that this was the cause of death in this case,” he said.

One question remains, according to the Irish Times:  Police are investigating whether Laffin’s housemate, who had a prescription for methadone “forced” (the Times’ word) Laffin to take the drug.

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